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team innovation


The purpose of this course is to inspire, empower, and equip participants with the knowledge, skills and tools they need to innovate so that they and their teams demonstrate greater value and customers, partners and employers experience greater long-term benefits. Throughout this training, participants will use collaborative innovation techniques and tools to gain new insights about the importance of innovative thinking in their work, as well as skills to promote and sustain  team innovation.

This course takes the approach that innovation is not just about new products and process improvement. This training can be applied to a wide variety of innovation challenges and opportunities, including:

  • New products, services, design, brand experiences, marketing, PR, advertising or sales
  • Productivity and quality improvement, process engineering, supply-chain management
  • Talent recruitment and retention, knowledge management, teaching, training and development
  • Business models and strategy, organizational design and culture, strategic partnerships
  • Customer satisfaction, social responsibility, environmental impact, stakeholder management


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This training is intended for intact and multi-functional work teams, as well as workgroups with common functional tasks.

In this course participants will learn to apply a practical innovation framework using a powerful tool (mind mapping) to:

  • think innovatively,

  • innovate collaboratively, and

  • lead innovation

by ensuring that they:

  • Align their innovative thinking with their desired business outcomes

  • Identify and support their team’s capacity for collaborative innovation

  • Generate breakthrough ideas using collaborative innovation tools on their innovation challenges / opportunities

  • Apply a practical framework and shared language for innovation across functions and specialties

  • Use a diversity of innovative thinking strategies and tools in every innovative project

  • Practice the art and discipline of the innovation process from start to finish

  • Inspire a greater sense of meaning and motivation in what, why and how each team member innovates

  • Contribute to a positive climate for team innovation

Team Innovation is customized for each delivery and available as

  • instructor-led classroom training,
  • instructor-led online training (webinar)
  • and as blended learning.­