Thinking. Strategically.

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Strategic Thinking


As our roles and responsibilities become increasingly complex, too often we find ourselves focused on whether we can do something rather than whether we should do it. The purpose of this course is to help individuals and teams move beyond traditional strategic approaches focused on "doing things right" to achieve breakthroughs in their work by learning to shift their focus and build their abilities toward "doing the right thing."


Participants learn how the raw materials of strategic thinking (managing complexity, solving problems creatively and making decisions with insight) can be transformed into a practical system for enhancing their strategic perspective and performance. Participants practice using visualization techniques to help them communicate strategy in a concise, articulate, and compelling manner, increasing its likelihood of success. Understanding and applying the principles and techniques presented in this seminar can help participants, their teams and companies rise to the challenges - and opportunities - of today's often ambiguous and uncertain business environment.


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This course was designed for individuals and teams who are seeking breakthrough solutions to their most important challenges and opportunities.


This course approaches strategy from the perspective that it is a team and not an individual activity. Thus, it is most relevant and beneficial for intact teams and ad-hoc teams with shared strategic interests and responsibilities.


No special skills or prior experience is required to benefit from this course. It has been designed to be flexible for learners at all levels.

In this course you will learn to apply a practical strategic thinking framework using a powerful tool (mind mapping) to build new and better ways to:

  • manage complexity,

  • solve problems creatively, and

  • make decisions with insight

by ensuring that you:

  • See the big picture

  • Identify relationships, patterns and trends

  • Never stop with the first right answer

  • Align tactical actions with strategic intentions

  • Manage multiple demands and competing priorities.

  • Assess how your current strategic thinking impacts your current results and identify opportunities for improvement

  • Apply mind mapping as a strategic thinking tool to manage complexity, solve problems creatively and make decisions with insight

  • Identify the context of your situation so that you can make sure that you are doing the right thing in addition to doing things right

  • Recognize and leverage your creativity style to generate novel approaches when needed

  • Focus on the decision making process to manage competing priorities and help ensure the success of your decisions

Strategic Thinking is customized for each delivery and available as

  • instructor-led classroom training,
  • instructor-led online training (webinar)
  • and as blended learning.­